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How can I request a payout from my One Step Funded Account?
How can I request a payout from my One Step Funded Account?
One Step Challenge Withdrawal Timetable and Procedure
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Traders with Funded Accounts eligible for payouts should submit an invoice by going to their Dashboard > Profit Split to submit an invoice for a payout.

The trader's account will then be reviewed and their payout processed.

Please note traders must be eligible for withdrawal to submit a withdrawal request.

Withdrawal Request Eligibility Requirements - 1 Step Challenge

First and future payouts

  • 14 days since the first trade was placed

  • No open positions or orders

  • Note: your account will be placed in read-only when your withdrawal request is submitted

Payout Methods

  • Deel

All traders are responsible for transaction fees associated with their payout.

Payout Eligibility

A trader must be verified by submitting a government-issued ID (e.g., a driver's license or passport), proof of address dated within the last 60 days, and submitting a signed Funded Trader Agreement before being eligible for any payouts.

Payout Rejected

If a trader's payout is fully or partially rejected, it is only a warning on the account.

  • Traders are allowed to have 2 warnings.

  • A third warning will result in the breach and closing of the account.

Removal of Warnings

We understand that our community may make some mistakes sometimes, as such we want to provide the opportunity to help our traders clear the strikes placed on their accounts. Our traders may do this to clear the warnings placed on their accounts.

  1. Request an Appeal Via our Live Support chat.

  2. Receive two successful payouts in a row with no warnings.

We hope that each and every one of you to a great start and success on your journey to Leveling Up! Good luck out there!

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