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Starting Out With Leveled Up Society
What are the available instruments for Leveled Up?
What are the available instruments for Leveled Up?
Learn what instruments are available through Leveled Up
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With LeveledUp Society, you are able to trade any instrument available on the EightCap trading platform during Phase 1 and Phase 2. This includes forex, commodities, indices and crypto.

The instruments that you are allowed to trade are:

  • MT5 Forex Pairs end with ".i", while MT4 Forex Pairs do not require any extension to the symbol.

  • MT4 uses ".b" extensions for Indices and Crypto Pairs while MT5 does not require extensions to the symbol for Indices and Crypto. (e.g.: "US30.b"; "ETHUSD.b"; ...)

  • Oil instruments (USOUSD and UKOUSD)

  • For Metals, there's no specific suffix.

To be able to see the instruments please follow the instructions below:

Desktop Platform:

  • Press Ctrl + M to see the Market Watch; or simply click on the icon.

  • Right-Click on the Market Watch, and click on "Show All"

  • Now you can see all the instruments available for you to trade!

Mobile Platform:

  • On the "Quotes" tab, press the "+" sign

  • To add the Forex Pairs, press on "RAW FEED", and add the symbols you want. You are also allowed to trade all the instruments inside the "Metals", "Prop Index", and "Prop Crypto" folders.

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