Does Leveled Up offer a scaling plan?

Details about the Leveled Up scaling plan

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The Scaling Plan offered by Leveled Up enables traders to progressively increase their virtual account size based on consistent simulated trading performance. This strategy allows you to enhance your potential payouts over time.

To apply for a scale-up, you must request an account review every three months. To be eligible, you must have achieved profitability in at least two out of the three months and maintained an average simulated profit of 6% or more over the three-month period.
Account scaling happens automatically and will only be done and processed while awaiting a withdrawal since the account balance must equal the starting balance when an account is scaled.

The scaling increment is 25% of your original starting virtual account balance, and you can scale up to a maximum of Virtual Funds of $2 million USD. For example, if you start with a $100K Simulated Account and meet the profitability criteria, your account will increase by 25%, making your new total virtual balance of $125K.

The increase also applies to your daily and maximum virtual drawdown limits. Your payout percentage also increases to 90% on the first stage of scaling and goes up to 96% on the second stage of scaling.

For example, with a $100K Simulated Funded account that qualifies for scaling, your new virtual balance would be $125K. Therefore, your max daily virtual loss limit would increase to 5% of $125K (i.e., $6,250 compared to the initial $5,000), and your max overall virtual loss limit would be 10% of $125K (i.e., $12,500 compared to the initial $10,000).

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