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What Is The Leveled Up Society Challenge?
What Is The Leveled Up Society Challenge?
An overview of our challenge
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Our Challenge consists of a two-phased evaluation process where a trader unlimited days from the date the first trade is taken to achieve an 8% profit target.

During that time, the trader must not hit the maximum daily drawdown of 5% of either the starting day's balance or starting day's equity, depending on which is higher, at any time. The trader must also not hit the maximum total equity drawdown of 8% from the starting balance of the account. The trader must trade a minimum of 5 trading days.

After passing Phase 1, the trader then has unlimited days to pass Phase 2 of the challenge by achieving a 5% profit target while abiding by the same daily and maximum drawdown rules and minimum trading days above.

Please also note that with Phase 2, traders will be trading live conditions on a simulated account.

Any violation of the rules above will result in the termination of your trading account and you will not be eligible to move forward in the program with that account. Traders are more than welcome to start over by joining the program with a new trading account.

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