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How Do Simulated Funded Accounts Work?
How Do Simulated Funded Accounts Work?

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Understanding Simulated Funded Accounts

Simulated Funded Accounts are becoming increasingly common within the trading community as a way of providing traders with the opportunity to be remunerated based on the simulated profits achieved through their trades. At Leveled Up Society, we offer Simulated Funded Accounts to our clients after they have successfully completed one of an array of evaluation programs in addition to fulfilling necessary Know Your Customer/Anti Money Laundering requirements. We’d like to provide an overview of our Funded Accounts and some of their characteristics.

A Simulated Funded Account refers to an account in which a trader may be eligible for remuneration based on a percentage of the simulated profit generated, as determined by the associated simulated Profit Split and in accordance with the Leveled Up Society Terms of Use and Customer Agreement.

It is important to clarify that all Leveled Up Society Simulated Funded Accounts are fully simulated (Demo) accounts that utilize real market quotes sourced from liquidity providers. In order to determine remuneration eligibility, trading data from Simulated Funded Accounts is sent to a partnered proprietary trading firm, where trades are replicated at their discretion using aggregated orders and proprietary risk management techniques.

We want to emphasize that crypto trading is permitted on Leveled Up Society Simulated Funded Accounts.


It is important to recognize the limitations of hypothetical or simulated performance results. Simulated results do not represent actual trading and may not accurately reflect the outcome of real trading. Factors such as liquidity constraints can impact the results, and simulated trading programs are developed with the benefit of hindsight. We do not guarantee that any account will achieve similar simulated profits or losses as those shown in simulations.

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