Is Leveled Up A Prop Firm?
Explanation of demo trading evaluation firm or what a prop firm is.
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A prop firm is an organization that assigns a portion of its capital to traders, enabling them to implement their own market strategies and earn a share of the profits generated from that allocated capital. Historically, prop firms were primarily physical establishments that either hired experienced traders or provided training to less experienced traders, who would contribute a significant amount of their own capital during the initial training phase to become profitable.

Here is how Leveled Up Society is different from these types of firms:

  1. Our evaluation program offers the opportunity for traders worldwide to remotely sign up and participate at a significantly lower fee compared to traditional in-person prop firms. This inclusive approach enhances the chances of success for all traders. The primary factor considered for entry into our program is the presence of a profitable trading strategy.

  2. Through the allocation of virtual balances on demo accounts to all Funded Traders, our firm effectively enhances risk management practices. This approach significantly increases the potential for trader success on our platform, enabling a greater number of traders to achieve positive outcomes.

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