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Getting started with Leveled Up is designed to be as straightforward as possible. Here are the steps to join our program:

  1. Visit the pricing section on our website.

  2. Choose the program and account size you wish to participate in, such as the "Standard Challenge" program with a $200,000 account size.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the program rules and consult our Knowledge Center for any clarifications you may need.

  4. Click the blue "Buy Package" button located at the bottom of the program banner you have selected. Create or log into your account, provide your billing details, and complete the payment process.

    • Note: Please ensure that for crypto payments, you use an ERC20 Network address for payout processing. Using any other network may result in payment issues, and we may be unable to provide technical support to recover those funds.

  5. Shortly after, you will receive a welcome email containing your account credentials. You can use these credentials to access both the Trading Platform and the Dashboard.

We strive to make the onboarding process hassle-free so that you can quickly begin your journey with Leveled Up.

Please note that all Funded Accounts are subject to a KYC/AML screening prior to being issued, so please ensure that you are able to provide a valid form of photo ID and proof of address within the last 60 days to avoid any delays in receiving your Funded Account in the event that you are successful in completing the evaluation phase of the program you wish to participate in.

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